Implement Innovative online learning with Connect LMS

Get the edge with the ground breaking Connect Learning Management System (based on Moodle™ LMS)

Our Learning Management System Offers

Dynamic interfaces

Insightful reporting

Innovative communication

Automated assessments

Competence tracking

As a leader in Online Learning, CE Learning Innovation has structured the following service to help you...

Seamless learner onboarding

We’ll upload and register your students on your behalf and provide online training for them as to how the system works.

Rapid LMS deployment

The Learning Management System based on  Moodle™ can be deployed as Software as a service.

Go live and start supporting students in 24 hours.

Upload content with ease

Our learning experience designers will take your course content and design palatable lesson plans that will make your learners’ experience memorable.

Progress and competence tracking

We provide insights, not just reports. Through our integration of Moodle™ and PowerBi, we track the learners’ progress and performance results to gain holistic insights on learning events. 

Live video sessions

We’ll host your virtual classrooms and provide you with the opportunity to not only have video chats, but share interactive whiteboards, presentations, videos, do polls and even enjoy virtual breakout rooms where group discussions can be held. These sessions can also be recorded for repeatability.

Creation of quizzes and assessments

Our success coaches* will join (or review) your learning events and set up self-grading quizzes and assessments to help you prove your learners’ competence after the learning interventions. We can also integrate online proctoring through the Online Proctoring market leader ProctorFree.